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Hey people, I’m Gareth Fleming, A web developer from Newcastle. I’ve recently graduated from Leeds Met uni, and I’m using this blog to reach out to other web developers for a support and guidance. I’m sharing stuff that I’ve found useful, but I also want people to get in touch and tell me what they think. I’m currently looking for my first job in the industry so I’ll be logging how my search goes. For anyone else in the same position, stay in touch and I’m sure we can help each other! Thanks – Gareth

What is a good career web design or development?

People use the terms web designer and web developer interchangeably but these two careers are different. People who design websites they deal with the front end of a website, the part that customers face and interact with. They design the look but they also need to make sure that websites are interactive and are easy to navigate.

The developer deals with the back-end operations. Developers work with code and they are responsible for making sure that certain functionalities are possible and can happen without glitches like e-commerce shopping carts or live chat interaction. Great developers will always know how regular scripts and programs like CGI can enhance a web users’ experience. In simpler terms, designers are responsible for the architecture and web developers are the builders. Web developers are skilled In programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, Python and more whilst designers are skilled graphic designers who are fairly competent with certain programming languages.

To recap:

Web designers tend to be right-brained individuals who are creative, imaginative and are intuitive.For example, Surrey Web Designers focus on the look and feel of a site while developers focus on the functionality. Developers are left brained individuals and are linear thinkers. The most advanced developers can create their own code as well as apps.

When it comes to remuneration, developers earn more than designers. A degree for either occupation might be useful but a portfolio and a body of work that you can present when you are applying for a job will speak volumes.

Web design business – Few Point to get success

If you are into web designing business or thinking of opening it, you might some questions in mind that if I open the business will it work? What are the things I should keep in mind in order to make my business success? Getting success is a business is everyone’s dream. However, if you do not follow the correct path to succeed, it may become a nightmare for you.

In order to success in any business, there are certain rules that you must follow. Likewise any business, web design business is also no different. There are certain set of rules that you must follow in order to make web design business a success:

1. Customer is a king: This is not a saying, many companies do follow it and those who follow it, they are known as best in the industry. Treat your customer as a king and whatever he requires must be delivered as per the requirements. Many web design companies fail to deliver what customer wants and end up lose the contract or business.

2. Understand your Competition: The major dilemma that every web design company face is that they don’t know who actually their competition is and what they are providing in the market. To be successful in the any business, one must know what their competition is and how they can deal with it.

3. Innovation: There is a saying “innovation is a key to success”. When as a web design company you are providing new technology or new innovative better products to the customers and existing customers. They will be delighted to get the services and they always have the higher edge over the competition and they will always come back to you for new improved product or design.

4. Client’s Security: Security is always a major concern for any client. As a web design company, you have to ensure your client that the security of their data is your priority, if your client is convinced with the security services you provide for their data. You will be never out of business.

So to conclude every web design business should consider the above points to be successful in their business.